Monday, January 14, 2008

first embarassing moment with alex

what a nice evening it was. monday, 7th of january, our 2nd year civil wedding anniversary. hubby surprised me with a nice dinner in some fancy restaurant. however with alex, a dinner could be anything but quiet. the moment we entered the restaurant, she started naming every item she recognized: "boat!", "kacicka!" (duck), "candle!", "light! light! light!", etc., etc....

luckily there weren't so many people. there was one group on my left and then 2 serious-looking businessmen in front. everyone went on with their dinners not minding alex's litany. until....

one of the businessmen accidentally hit his wine glass. he profusely apologized to his partner, who immediately dismissed the accident and went on with their conversation. at that precise moment, alex pointed at them, started her big fake laugh and said in her booming voice, "it's funny!"

we couldn't help but laugh of course. good thing the businessmen were pretty good sports and became alex's fans for the rest of the evening. ;)

Saturday, January 5, 2008


new year's eve dinner with babka. unfortunately, alex wasn't able to greet the new year. like last year, she was sound asleep amidst all the fireworks. :) but it didn't stop her from bobsledding the following day in nice sunny-snowy weather...

... and two days after ...

christmas 2007

Christmas 2006
Christmas 2007

it's hard to believe that a year has passed. so many things have changed yet so many things also stayed the same, like our christmas family picture. :)) well the facts are: a) alex is much bigger and has much longer hair; b) 2006 was in philippines, and 2007 in slovakia; and, c) we are wearing different clothes (luckily!).

7 december: mikulas (nicholas' name's day, actually falls on 6 december), sunguard system access celebration. in slovakia, this is the traditional start of christmas. children receive sweets and candies from santa if they have been good. and of course alex got a bag of goodies.

24 december: christmas eve dinner at home. we had the traditional slovak christmas dinner. except for alex, everyone had:
1) oblatky (replaced by airplane crackers :D) with honey
2) garlic (phew!)
3) kapusnica (sour cabbage soup)
4) fried fish with potato salad

25 december: we went to another christmas meal, lunch with great grandparents.

these are some of the christmas gifts that alex got (from left to right): baby doll with stroller, trike (from "dyeko", a.k.a. dedko), dora (from "tito pito", a.k.a tito peter). she also got nice home socks, shirt and sweater (from "bahka", a.k.a. babka), interesting magnetic books (from "tita lutita", a.k.a. tita lucia), and a new ball (from babina and dedino, great grandma and great grandpa).

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