Friday, April 15, 2011

"i see"

another interesting dinner conversation between alex and daddy :D

alex: daddy, did you know? germs are everywhere!
daddy: i see.
alex: no, you don't see. you hear.

makes sense! now, i'll remember this everytime i say "i see" or "I C" (sms style) :D

Friday, April 8, 2011

chewy and bitey

alex: mommy, why do we say chewy?

hmmm... mommy had to really stop and think how to explain this. knowing she likes chewy candies, i made a contrast between chewy and hard candies. hoping she gets the picture, i said that chewy candies we can chew and hard candies not.

well, she probably understood alright because she blurted out, "aha! and there are also bitey candies, which we can bite."

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

my little lyricist

alex started singing almost the same time as she started talking. singing and talking is like breathing for her. what amazes me most though is her ability to memorize songs.

when she was about two years old, i tried an experiment. i sang bahay kubo to her every nap time. on the third day, she memorized the whole song. unfortunately, she has totally forgotten it already.

anyways, then there are those times she just picks up the lyrics on her own...

♪♫♪barely even friends, then somebody bends unexpectedly...
stethoscope as rhyme, song as old as time
beauty and the beast
-- beauty and the beast ost

♪♫♪when somebody loves you, everything is beautiful
every hour spent together, ready, get set, go...
-- "when she loved me" (toy story 2 ost)

Monday, April 4, 2011

three hands!!!

i don't know what is it with this day, but alex is pulling so many of her antics. it could be that she's bored and is missing karol, who is at last back to kindergarten after three weeks.

mommy decided to put andy in the car seat while she goes about hanging newly washed clothes. alex decided to entertain andy and tried to put rattle socks on her. of course andy was kicking nonstop. alex kept trying to talk andy into staying still to no avail. exasperated, she blurted, "oh my gosh! if only i have three hands!!!"

took a lot of self control for mommy not to roll on the floor laughing. :))

she still didn't give up though. kept trying and talking to andy. one time she almost called andy "karol!" proof that she also tries to boss karol around :D and then i heard her again say, "oh my goodness! i wish for a third hand!!!"

this time she approached mommy who couldn't hold her laughter anymore.... the more she tried to explain why she needed a third hand, the more mommy teared up from laughter. :))))


after lunch conversation with alex

she suddenly remembered tangled, the movie we watched at the cinema. she remembered the princess hitting the prince with the pan and closing it's eyes (i.e., fainting). then she remembered the chameleon.

alex: she (referring to rapunzel) also found a lizard.
mommy: ah! that's her friend. it's a chameleon; it changes it's color.
alex: everything?!
mommy: yes!
alex: even it's eyes?

mommy had to stop and think for a while...

mommy: i think not. maybe it closes it's eyes and then the eyelids change color.
alex: eye what?

mommy closed one eye to show what eyelids were.

mommy: eyelids! see, there's skin...
alex: so why not eyeskin?

long pause... mommy had to stop herself from laughing. then, honestly answered...

mommy: i don't know.
alex: because that would be silly.

the end! :D

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