Tuesday, June 29, 2010

the four-year-old alex (part two)

mommy is really so proud of little alexandra. she's growing up so fast that i have to weed out her clothes like every other week the last couple of months. :)) moreover, she can be very independent and can do a lot of things on her own.

* she already knows how to swing by herself. she learned a bit of rhythm and tempo, at long last! mommy was afraid she has daddy's sense of rhythm. (well, she probably still does.)
* goes to weewee by herself. she wipes and washes hands by herself also. but we insist to do the wiping after uu :D
* she can dress herself from top to bottom; shirt to shoes. though only when she's in the mood. otherwise she'll pretend she doesn't know how to do it.
* she knows two prayers, prayer before meal and prayer to the guardian angels.

alex's bedtime prayer
angel of GOD, my GUARDIAN dear, to whom HIS love commits me here, ever this day be at my side, to light and guard, to rule and guide. amen. bless mommy, bless daddy, bless karol, bless myself, bless my friends (she added this one by herself), bless all the whole world of the ___ (fill in the blanks, e.g., family, your classmates, stars, tv, etc. and by etc. i mean whatever she comes up with).

the last few days, i asked her to pray for her daddy. today, i asked her to pray for our unborn baby. it went a little something like this:

jesus, please help daddy feel better so that he can come home soon.
jesus, please help the baby eat so much so that he will be very strongest.

Sunday, June 13, 2010


after church, we had lunch at the newest mall in town -- eurovea. naturally, mommy took advantage of the opportunity to go shopping (for the second time since it opened last march, but in the same week :D) last time it was clothes, and today it's shoeses!!! i know, but i can't help it. it's really fun to shop with alex. she likes trying things on.

being a "school girl," alex needs lots of shoes. she has outgrown most of her shoes and the new ones that daddy bought from US were still too big (or so i thought!) anyway, so we bought her insoles to make her mary janes fit, and shoes/slippers for kindergarten.

slippers for kindergarten
complete with accessories

of course mommy also bought a pair of ipanema for herself and couldn't resist buying a pair for cutie alex.

cute ipanemas (mommy wants for herself)

when we got home, i made her try on the two pairs of supposedly big shoes and surprise! surprise! they fit already! so no need for the insoles.

shoes that were too big:
(1) nike mary janes; (2) nike rubber shoes

now she has like half a dozen of new pairs of shoes/slippers :D

(1)tinker bell thong slippers for home;
(2) barbie clogs from tita niña (2 years ago)

big sister alex

the whole of may, the kids have gotten sick. of course we had to visit the pedia several times. we almost always had to wait with other patients. luckily, there's a nice waiting room with toys, pencils and papers, rocking horses (or mouse :D).

on our last visit, alex was on the rocking horse while an older girl was on the bigger rocking mouse. (it was an elephant before. go figure!) karol, being the curious kind, was approaching the girl. then, she started telling him off in a not so nice voice.

poor karol, went away; went closer to our side where alex was rocking. alex then began to tell the girl something in slovak, "to je moje bracek! nechaj ho!" (that is my brother! let him be!) naturally, the argument didn't end there. the other parents started smiling already. i had to ask hubby for translation and it went something like this:

big girl: this is mine! (referring to the rocking mouse)
alex: it's not yours!
big girl: it is mine. i will not let anybody else ride this!
alex: but when the door (pedia's door) opens then you will go inside and somebody else can ride it. and when you go home, other kids can use it.

it was a really very funny scene and at the same time very touching. on one side there was karol acting very hurt. he was just standing on one side; looking down on the floor; not moving at all. i had to call him to my side to offer him some comfort which he readily accepted. it was as if he was trying to be strong. and on the other side, there was alex defending his little brother.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

the four-year-old alex

birthday presents in bed, that's how alex's birthday started. at first, she stayed lying down while opening the first box. then she realized there was another box underneath when it made some sounds; she immediately shouted, "maracas!"; stood up excitedly and asked her daddy to help her open it. we can see on her face how happy she really was, specially when she said with all her heart, "thank you soooooooo much!"

the whole day, she was all giggly like a high school girl seeing her crush. even after a few days, if you ask her how old she is she would have this expression on her when she proudly says she's four.

the evening was celebrated with dedko and babina. she got a special cake from dedko in the shape of a pumpkin.

a second party was held with her friends julinka and natalka.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

the filipino experience

the filipino people
first night back in ph, it was already evening when we arrived in san pablo. so we did the whole night time routine of showering the kids and preparing them for bed. then, come sleeping time...
alex: daddy, but who will stay with me?
daddy: don't worry, i will stay with you.
alex: no! but i want some filipino people to stay with me. like inay or tatay.

the filipino house
we went to boracay for a week. alex was so happy having disney playhoouse channel. but one time, she wanted to watch some cartoons she was watching while we were in san pablo. so she said, "mommy, i want to watch the thing that i watchted in the filipino house. you know?"

the filipino kindergarten
in slovakia, alex spends most of her weekday in kindergarten. fearing she would miss the experience, i opted to take her to nursery school in san pablo. unfortunately, it's a very different setup. in slovakia, it's mostly play school. while in philippines, children her age are technically schooling, writing and memorizing stuff. it was probably a shock to her and made her miss her slovak kindergarten even more. "mommy, i want to go to my slovakia kindergarten. i don't want to go to the filipino kindergarten. it's too long already."

the filipino brumik
brumik is a bear-shaped cake filled with different flavored cream filling we buy in slovakia. i brought some for our trip back to philippines. alex likes these for her snack, and of course we ran out after some time. then, i bought a chocolate filled cake made by gardenia and packed it for school. she liked it, and the next time she asked for it, she said, "mommy, i like the filipino brumik."

alex's first ever stage performance

it was mikulaš or santa day in alex's kindergarten. the kids in her class did some song and dance numbers. it was so cool to watch the kids, most specially alex. it was surprisingly amazing how she knew all the words and some of the steps. but notice how she was moving restlessly the whole time. :D

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