Thursday, February 18, 2010

the filipino experience

the filipino people
first night back in ph, it was already evening when we arrived in san pablo. so we did the whole night time routine of showering the kids and preparing them for bed. then, come sleeping time...
alex: daddy, but who will stay with me?
daddy: don't worry, i will stay with you.
alex: no! but i want some filipino people to stay with me. like inay or tatay.

the filipino house
we went to boracay for a week. alex was so happy having disney playhoouse channel. but one time, she wanted to watch some cartoons she was watching while we were in san pablo. so she said, "mommy, i want to watch the thing that i watchted in the filipino house. you know?"

the filipino kindergarten
in slovakia, alex spends most of her weekday in kindergarten. fearing she would miss the experience, i opted to take her to nursery school in san pablo. unfortunately, it's a very different setup. in slovakia, it's mostly play school. while in philippines, children her age are technically schooling, writing and memorizing stuff. it was probably a shock to her and made her miss her slovak kindergarten even more. "mommy, i want to go to my slovakia kindergarten. i don't want to go to the filipino kindergarten. it's too long already."

the filipino brumik
brumik is a bear-shaped cake filled with different flavored cream filling we buy in slovakia. i brought some for our trip back to philippines. alex likes these for her snack, and of course we ran out after some time. then, i bought a chocolate filled cake made by gardenia and packed it for school. she liked it, and the next time she asked for it, she said, "mommy, i like the filipino brumik."

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