Wednesday, June 9, 2010

the four-year-old alex

birthday presents in bed, that's how alex's birthday started. at first, she stayed lying down while opening the first box. then she realized there was another box underneath when it made some sounds; she immediately shouted, "maracas!"; stood up excitedly and asked her daddy to help her open it. we can see on her face how happy she really was, specially when she said with all her heart, "thank you soooooooo much!"

the whole day, she was all giggly like a high school girl seeing her crush. even after a few days, if you ask her how old she is she would have this expression on her when she proudly says she's four.

the evening was celebrated with dedko and babina. she got a special cake from dedko in the shape of a pumpkin.

a second party was held with her friends julinka and natalka.

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Daddy said...

can't help it, but we have the cutest babies in the world... or kids?.. :) daddy

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