Sunday, June 13, 2010

big sister alex

the whole of may, the kids have gotten sick. of course we had to visit the pedia several times. we almost always had to wait with other patients. luckily, there's a nice waiting room with toys, pencils and papers, rocking horses (or mouse :D).

on our last visit, alex was on the rocking horse while an older girl was on the bigger rocking mouse. (it was an elephant before. go figure!) karol, being the curious kind, was approaching the girl. then, she started telling him off in a not so nice voice.

poor karol, went away; went closer to our side where alex was rocking. alex then began to tell the girl something in slovak, "to je moje bracek! nechaj ho!" (that is my brother! let him be!) naturally, the argument didn't end there. the other parents started smiling already. i had to ask hubby for translation and it went something like this:

big girl: this is mine! (referring to the rocking mouse)
alex: it's not yours!
big girl: it is mine. i will not let anybody else ride this!
alex: but when the door (pedia's door) opens then you will go inside and somebody else can ride it. and when you go home, other kids can use it.

it was a really very funny scene and at the same time very touching. on one side there was karol acting very hurt. he was just standing on one side; looking down on the floor; not moving at all. i had to call him to my side to offer him some comfort which he readily accepted. it was as if he was trying to be strong. and on the other side, there was alex defending his little brother.

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