Sunday, June 13, 2010


after church, we had lunch at the newest mall in town -- eurovea. naturally, mommy took advantage of the opportunity to go shopping (for the second time since it opened last march, but in the same week :D) last time it was clothes, and today it's shoeses!!! i know, but i can't help it. it's really fun to shop with alex. she likes trying things on.

being a "school girl," alex needs lots of shoes. she has outgrown most of her shoes and the new ones that daddy bought from US were still too big (or so i thought!) anyway, so we bought her insoles to make her mary janes fit, and shoes/slippers for kindergarten.

slippers for kindergarten
complete with accessories

of course mommy also bought a pair of ipanema for herself and couldn't resist buying a pair for cutie alex.

cute ipanemas (mommy wants for herself)

when we got home, i made her try on the two pairs of supposedly big shoes and surprise! surprise! they fit already! so no need for the insoles.

shoes that were too big:
(1) nike mary janes; (2) nike rubber shoes

now she has like half a dozen of new pairs of shoes/slippers :D

(1)tinker bell thong slippers for home;
(2) barbie clogs from tita niña (2 years ago)


blue_palito said...

haha. same with pompy. their feet grow so fast di ba? ang mahal pa naman ng crocs/ipanema. buset :))

blue_palito said...
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blue_palito said...

hay naku. same with pompy. their feet grow so fast. mahal pa naman ang crocs/ipanema. buset :))

ps: actually bitter lang ako kasi ako di makabili ng crocs/ipanema para sa sarili ko :D

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