Monday, April 4, 2011


after lunch conversation with alex

she suddenly remembered tangled, the movie we watched at the cinema. she remembered the princess hitting the prince with the pan and closing it's eyes (i.e., fainting). then she remembered the chameleon.

alex: she (referring to rapunzel) also found a lizard.
mommy: ah! that's her friend. it's a chameleon; it changes it's color.
alex: everything?!
mommy: yes!
alex: even it's eyes?

mommy had to stop and think for a while...

mommy: i think not. maybe it closes it's eyes and then the eyelids change color.
alex: eye what?

mommy closed one eye to show what eyelids were.

mommy: eyelids! see, there's skin...
alex: so why not eyeskin?

long pause... mommy had to stop herself from laughing. then, honestly answered...

mommy: i don't know.
alex: because that would be silly.

the end! :D

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