Wednesday, July 25, 2007

baby talk (13-14 months)

she's now 10.5kg. gained weight in a matter of 5 days. it's amazing how much she has changed. i was expecting that most changes after her first birthday would be gradual. boy, I was wrong!

she talks even more now. i know, we never thought that was possible also. but her vocabulary is fast growing.

it's funny how she constantly immitates vocalizations and tries to repeat the words we say to her. she learned the "i" ("ee") sound on our way home from philippines. she kept saying "da-dee", with very strong emphasis on "dee". by emphasis i mean, with all her breath and strength :)) and after that she started to learn more words and uses "ee" a lot.

from her first words: "baba", "papa", "mama", and "dada"

expressions (some with hand/body gesture):

  • bye-bye (slovak, "papa") - waves bye-bye and say "papa" or "baba" or "paba" or "bapa"; or other combinations of "ba" and "pa" (as many times repeated as she pleases). she says this when saying bye-bye to someone, or when she wants to go.
  • light - her first official word. looks up, points to the light and says "lai", which evolved from "lah" in less than a week
  • give me/thank you - gives to or takes an object from someone and says "pa pi", which evolved from "pa bum" or "pa pum"
  • i don't want (filipino, "ayaw") - waves both hands frantically in criss-cross motion, and says "aya aya aya". it is often used when she doesn't want anymore during feeding.
  • no (slovak, "nie") - "nie nie nie" and sometimes waves her point finger from side to side
  • papapa (filipino, "to eat") - "papapa"
  • muah (kiss) - pouts lips or puts her lips closer to you and says "mmm ma"

  • words with more than one meaning:
  • daddy - "dada" has evolved to "da dee". but it could also mean mommy or other members of the family like grandma ("babka") or grandpa ("dedko"). or, when she wants to say something we haven't deciphered yet.
  • mommy - "mama" has evovled into "ma mee". but sometimes means "no more" when accompanied by two hands shaking. or, when she points to an object she threw down and wants it to be picked up.
  • "meeya meeya" - could mean "yummy", "my! my!" (slovak, "moja! moja!") and then strokes a person/object with her hand, or "meow! meow!" referring to a cat.

  • things (recognized objects; can point and identify the object):

  • flower - "wla wee"
  • dog (slovak, "havo") - "haw haw" or, more often "ha wee"
  • ball - "biy"
  • nose - "nou"

  • commands(phrases she understands):

  • no! - sometimes she obeys, but most often not :D
  • hug (object)! - hugs the object and swings her torso from side to side
  • come here!/let's go!
  • where is (your) head/ears/nose? - points or holds that part
  • throw the ball!/catch! - throws the ball/says something that sounds like "catch".
  • step! step! - used to encourage her to walk on her own.

  • whew! those are a lot of words for a 14 month old baby :) but that's not all. she can also repeat after us most of the time. except when we make fun and try to make her say "mee ma" or "dee da". it's funny that this really puzzles her. although lately she babbles "ee ai" repeatedly on her own. amazing isn't it?! :)

    last, but definitely not the least, the talk of the town -- alex is walking. although she still gets a little scared sometimes, or walks too fast and loses balance. alex can also climb up and down the sofa or bed. she has really become more dangerously cute these last two weeks :)

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