Wednesday, October 31, 2007

ahdanda neyi msh a.k.a alex the destroyer (at 17 months)

"what is your name?"
alex: ayi

that's our girl! this 85cm and 12kg little thingy is getting cuter and smarter by the minute. likes watching dora the explorer, reading books, sorting shapes and learning the alphabet.

she recognizes almost half of the english alphabet (from watching jollibee, hehe). she makes us write on her magnetic board and likes naming the letters one by one. although sometimes she confuses "R" and "B", "N" and "M", among others.

"my name..."
alex: ihssss...

alex: ahdanda

alex: neyi

alex: msh!

her speech has also improved considerably. well, aside from the fact that she pronounces "y" instead of "r" or "l". for example she now says "boy" instead of "bi" for ball. "foy" for four. and now, "flowo" instead of "flawee" for flower, etc.

tired (at the zoo) by the monkeys

alex is starting to recognize different shapes. her favorites are: "kar" (star), "flowo" (flower), "nganga" (triangle), "kurkle" (circle), "owaw" (oval), "quay" (square), "batitu" (trapezoid), pentagon and diamond. she may not be able to pronounce them properly but she surely can put each and everyone of these shapes into her shape sorter.

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