Wednesday, March 28, 2012

the test results

this was alex in the morning right before going to kindergarten. i took photo of her showing the place of her missing tooth (which she lost the other day).  she was in a very good mood.  it had gotten even better in the evening...

i was so anxious since yesterday about the results of the entrance test she took last thursday.  while i was out doing groceries with andy, i got a very surprising phone call.

while i was looking at the vegetables, an unknown number registered on my mobile.  i didn't recognize the voice on the other side but she knew me and said: hi minela! alex passed the test!  at first i thought the call was from the school.  i was so shocked, because the results weren't supposed to be released until the following day.  it turned out, she was one of the expat mom friends i have.  her daughter also took the test.  she couldn't wait for the results and went to the school personally to find out.  she asked to see the list and surprisingly, they showed her together with the names.

i was really happy but still shocked.  i wanted to see the results just to confirm that i wasn't dreaming.  i kept checking the website since the evening.  then the morning... mid morning... before lunch... until i decided to go with hubby to the school.  the results were still smoking hot when we came to the school.  we even spoke to the lady who was posting them.  later, i learned that the results were supposed to be posted after lunch.  my bad! :D

anyways, i was almost teary-eyed seeing that alex had made the cut and how well she did in her tests. even on the day of the test, i was so proud at how well alex handled the whole thing.  in my mind, even if alex didn't make the cut, i knew she'd done well.  it was a no brainer, i had to run to the mall to get her presents.

congratulations alex!!!  keep up the good work!


A&Guli-Shakhi-Abdulaziz said...

Congratulations Alex, you are the best!!! :)

A&Guli-Shakhi-Abdulaziz said...
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