Thursday, December 14, 2006

at six months

5th of december 2006, alex was scheduled to get her 3rd shot of the hepa b vaccine. luckily, her pedia adviced to have it together with her pentaxim vaccine (so it's actually hexaxim now?!?). anyway, she was saved that day. what should have been a painful visit has just turned into a routine well-baby checkup. her stats were perfect:

weight : 8.2kg
length : 70cm
head c : 42.5cm
chest c : 43.5cm

she's very much ready for her solids. and we got plenty of instructions. for one week already, she's been eating carrots for lunch and rice cereal for dinner. and just yesterday, 13th of december 2006, she started having potatoes together with carrots. it's amazing how she has caught up with eating solids. at first she used to take small portions only, more like trying to take in the taste than really eating. but now, the portions are getting bigger... very much fit for her size i guess, hehehe :) but she's not really taking so much rice. but i'm suspecting it's just the timing, which we really have to work on.

during dinner, she's more tired and sleepy. so, i think she wants milk more than rice. but it's not so bad. at least she seems to be adjusting with solids quite well so far. no allergies or rejections. only thing is it is sometimes hard to feed her milk. she's been teeting for a long time now, but no sign of teeth yet. so frustrating...

anyway, aside from solids, she's also enjoying drinking water from the cup. it's funny really. i have to hold the cup for her of course, and she spills most of the water :)). but she's learning fast (at least for mommy's standards), and i'm very happy about everything she is doing and learning to do. she really is our little bundle of joy.

new things:
* babbles a lot (still! and more and more... and more... and a bit more)
* teething (without visible signs of teeth)
* sit without support (but after a few seconds falls to her side and smiles)
* plays in jumper (thanks for the hand me down, cousin bianca :))

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