Tuesday, January 9, 2007

the peaceful traveler

16 dec 2006, 4:00am -- time to drive to vienna airport, we're going home for the holidays. vacation!!! yipee!!! but it was still several hours away. alex, barely 7 months, 70cm and 8.2kg doesn't fit in a bassinet for babies up to 9 months. so how to deal with it?!? hmm, hmm, hmm...

at the airport, we still tried our luck, but it didn't come. we still couldn't get bassinet. and even if we did, there's no plae to put it anyway, since all front rows were taken in this fully booked flight. so we just accepted our fate -- 16 hours with an 8.2kg "load" on our lap. flight was on time and of all miracles, there's one free seat on our row. alex claimed not just the extra seat but also half of mine. this explained the stewardess' comment the following morning, "i didn't hear you at all last night." of course, she was sound asleep almost the whole time :)

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