Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Chatting with Alex

It's January 10, 2007. It's a day at work as usual. More or less work. Maybe less, to be honest. Day like any other? Nothing special?

No! There was something that made my day special. A call from the two most beautiful girls in the world. It's not just a call, it's a video-conference. There is a small girl, no longer a new-born. Was she ever a newborn? She looks around and sometimes directly to the webcam. Very focused look, very serious. I'm sure it's not because she just woke up. It's because she's investigating. Investigating the webcam, investigating the headset, trying to grab the foam microphone. And then it happened. Alex focused on the keyboard. Knowing that she cannot speak yet... well she can, 'aua', 'ha-brr' and tiger's 'uaahh' but she just knew at that moment that keyboard is the only way to really talk with her dad and exchange with him whatever is on her mind. It started with her investigative thumb. It turned into a typing thumb and there it was, one thumb typing at its best. Alex's first ever internet chat with her dad. See for yourselves.

Note: I have slight doubts, that Mommy helped Alex with the lines 'hi dada', but I believe the help came only in form of emotional support.

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