Tuesday, January 9, 2007

at seven months

this could be the most eventful month yet. alex had her very first fever and cold during the holidays. but on the brighter side, the holidays were perfect time for her to learn her socialization skills. she really loves an audience, and they love her back (if not more). she has outgrown her anxiety with strangers. anyone can pick her up and she will not cry. she would even stare at people she doesn't see often, as if trying to know them more.

Family In Front Of Christmas Tree :) Christmas Hat Going For A Stroll

we visited lots of friends and relatives during christmas. everywhere she went, she was a star. it's as if she knows she has to perform in front of her loving audience. she was sleepy but didn't sleep until we left from the first visit. she was asleep but the moment she woke up, she started with her antics.

Showing Off Showing Off

new year was no different. eve of new year, she was performing in front of the apex family. screaming her lungs out, making everyone laugh, eventhough she was sleepy and not to mention newly recovered from her bout of colds. maybe that's why she was sound asleep amidst the sound of firecrackers. but maybe it was the cotton i used to cover her ears... :)

Tiger On Party With Ninang Jenny And Mommy

new things:
* two lower front teeth
* roll over (both ways; round and round the bed)
* go on all fours (and swings back and forth -- baka-bakahan in filipino)
* still crawls backwards (but this time on all fours; round and round the bed)
* pulls to standing position

* still talks a lot
* high pitched screams (which could make your eardrums break)

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