Tuesday, February 6, 2007

waking up with a laugh (at eight months)

i have heard of people waking up with a smile on their face, but never laughing. one morning, i just did.

ever since we came back from PH, alex wakes up really early. sometimes at 2am, we're lucky if it's at 4am. it has become a routine for us to get her from the crib and place her in between us on our bed when she wakes up. she stays there until everyone fully wakes up. sometimes she would go back to sleep, but most often than not, she would keep babbling and rolling around while we try to drown everything out and catch a few more winks.

one morning, i must have fallen back asleep a little deeper. because then, i woke up and laughed instantly when i realized what woke me up. alex was playing with my arms, raising it up and thumping it down the bed.

she's in the middle of her 8th month now. we didn't get to weigh or measure her height. but we sure know she's growing well. she's eating a lot more of solids now (maybe a little more than she should). it's probably due to the fact that she's more mobile these days. she sometimes surprises us.

one time, i was browsing the internet while she was playing in her playpen. one moment she was on her tummy and the next she was sitting. or another time, after hearing her dad shushing her during one of her morning litanies, she made her own little shushing sound over her pacifier. it was unbelievably funny. little milestones for our little angel (with horns :).

although she is still more interested in babbling more than in honing her motor skills. nu-ni-noo-ni-noo... i wonder who she got it from?!? :D all i can say, is we are very proud of her.

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