Tuesday, March 6, 2007

at nine months

* weight : 9.28kg
* height : 76cm
* head c : 44cm
* chest c : 44.5cm

new things:
* pulls to standing position from sitting
* drops to sitting position from standing :))
* cruises around her playpen
* bends over to pick up her toys (one hand holding on to railing)
* waves hi/bye-bye (we don't know the difference) :D
* shakes her head when you say "no, no, no!"
* claps hands
* can mimick some sounds/actions

other things:
* eats a lot (cereal, rice, carrot, potato, cauliflower, brocolli, kalerab?!?, chicken, pork, infant crackers, apple, mango, apricot)
* babbles a lot ("baba", "papa", "mama", "a-boo", etc...)
* smiles a lot
* squeals (or is it scream?) a lot :D
* complains a lot (sometimes :)
* makes a lot of faces

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