Thursday, May 3, 2007

teething alex (at 11 months)

sorry guys, i wasn't able to post for alex's 10th month. but hopefully this will help you catch up.

alex growth rate is slowing down now. probably due to the fact that she's much more active. she also grew two more teeth (upper middle) during the tenth month and somehow lost her apetite for a week. we didn't have statistics for 10th month so here's for 11:

* weight : 9.57kg
* height : 76cm (previous measure, now measured at 74cm?!?)
* head c : 45cm
* chest c : 45cm


there's not much new tricks except for the fact that she's mastered most of her previous tricks and that she can do them more on demand.

* goes to sitting position from standing without any problems
* cruises (walks holding on to furniture, not just playpen anymore)
* picks-up tiny objects with thumb and point finger


new things:
* stands alone momentarily
* walks with two hands held
* points with index finger (to get what she wants)
* casts/throws her toys
* imitates vocalizations
* understands "no!" but sometimes complains with a fake cry :))


funny tricks:
* holds hear head ("where's your head?")
* claps hands ("clap your hands!")
* points upwards ("where's the light?")
* hugs toys and people ("hug!!!")
* does fake laugh when she hears others laughing

last tuesday, we discovered she's growing possibly four new teeth. one on the lower right is very much visible, sharp and pointed. two more on the upper part are just sprouting. but the lower left is not so visible. must really be a pain for poor alex. she has a hard time sleeping during the night. otherwise, she's doing great and is as babbly and as happy as ever. :)

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