Sunday, March 30, 2008

two months to go (at 22 months)

i know i keep saying this, but it's really true that time flies by so fast. in just two months alex will be 2 years old. i can't even put into words how she's grown up so cute, so funny, and so smart over the months. we love watching how she enjoys her new experiences. we see that she understands more and appreciates more the things around her. oh, such great joy!

"swim to sea/ocean!"

we have been in philippines for 3 weeks now. the first week went to boracay. alex enjoyed the sea and most specially the sand.

unfortunately, her very exciting experience Was tainted by her very first scratches. on the last night she fell while running and she scratched her left knee and right hand. how that happened i don't know. worse, when she woke up the following morning, one of her eyes was totally swollen from some insect bite. poor one-eyed-alex, it lasted for 3 days.

"swim to pool!"

the holy week is really good time not just to reflect o the passion of the Lord but also to spend time with family. alex was able to spend lots of time in the water with her cousins. once we went to some local resort, and another time, the kids had fun waddling in an inflatable pool. it was a bit chaotic but really fun :))

"let's go to out!"

there were also lots of other non-water activities that alex enjoys, like going out for a walk. every morning we go out for a walk. although during the first few times she asks to be picked up after a few steps. then she started seeing the flowers, the butterflies and the birds. she even likes the air conditioning unit sticking out of the neighbors' walls :)) but the trip is not complete without "touch the coconut." which of course she couldn't reach because it's too high, even for me.

she also likes visiting other cousins who live around our neighborhood during the afternoons. she's starting to become an "outdoor" person. she doesn't even want to go home anymore. the moment she sees that we are heading towards our gate, she goes the other direction saying "i don't want! i don't want!" what a very clever child... :))

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