Sunday, March 30, 2008


alex's language skills has really improved a lot and i think is quite advanced for her age. she likes describing everything that she sees. most of the time she can understand what she's told. and even with her childish speech, she can be understood. these are some of the things she commonly says:

* i don't want!
* what is it? (even when she knows the answer)
* let's go to [name/place].
* it felled! or shoe is felled! (talk about past tense)
* it's toyning! (loves electric fans)
* it's stop! (still loves electric fans)
* it's (so) funny! (everyone and everything is funny to her)
* um angee! ("i'm angry!" with matching scowling face)
* no, no, no! do not touch!
* it's sleeping (embarrassingly describes sleeping people)
* it's boken (broken)
* mami fikkit ("mommy, fix it")
* heyo!
* bye, bye [name]! (even to inanimate objects, like tricycle)
* good night [name]! (Mama Mary, Jesus, daddy, mamika, etc.)
* alex, rocking the chair.
* alex is walking/sitting/etc...
* mamika/daddy, it's odj odj odj ongkin (well, this beats the hell out of me :))

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