Tuesday, July 1, 2008

breakfast conversation

mommy: alex, ninang jenny is coming here next week. do you remember her?
alex (nods head): mommy, do you remember tita gail also?
mommy: of course. do you remember her? and her babies?
alex (continues to nod head): ye-ees!
mommy: do you miss them?
alex: i think so! i miss them...
mommy: how about tita sharon, do you remember her?
alex: ah, ye-ees! ahtatata light blue.... tyatyatya.... (etc., etc....)

hehehe! that's our little conversationalist. she really can communicate, almost like an adult. however, she makes up some words and sentences when she doesn't know what to say anymore. to her, she thinks she's still making conversation. quite cool really! :)

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