Saturday, September 20, 2008

ate alex

when karol and i came home from the hospital, alex was asleep on our bed. so we put karol in the playpen and i laid down beside alex. after a few moments she woke up and started talking as usual.

ia sked her if she wants to see "baby brother," as she fondly refers to him. then, she stood up and went to the playpen. she always says that that's baby brother's bed and where to put him, etc. she continued with her monologue then got tongue-tied the moment she saw karol. she wasn't expecting him to be there already and was so surprised. it was really funny. she just froze. well, she went on talking once she regained her composure. :))

it's a big change for her. the first few days she was having a hard time. until now she's still adjusting. sometimes, she would throw some tantrums or do things to get our attention. it might take some time still for her to fully adjust. but we are slowly getting there.

the good thing is, she doesn't reject karol's presence. she even helps us when we change his diaper. she also kisses him on the head to say bye-bye or good night. i think she will be a very good ate*.

*ate (a-te) in philippine culture, it is a title used to refer to an older sister.

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