Friday, January 9, 2009

two and a half year old vocabulary

i just can't say it enough... children are really amazing creatures of GOD. at two and a half years, alex still continues to amaze me. right after karol was born, alex started asking THE question -- the never ending "why?"

it happened one time when i was changing karol's diaper. she usually gets the new diaper. that time, i forgot to wait for her and took one myself....

mommy: alex please put back the diaper.
alex: but, why mommy? why?

her language skills are really overwhelming (i know, i've said it a million times). like a sponge, alex absorbs everything she sees and hears. now she speaks and understands slovak much more than before. she also has learned to apply some rules of grammar on her own. see examples below: :D

irregular verb:
do's (as in "parents do, and santa do's.")
do'd (as in "what did you do'd?")

bookses, jellybeanses
jablkos (jablko, slovak for apple)

it's realy cool when she makes these grammar mistakes. because that's when we learn that she's learning :)

check out her newly posted old pix. click here.

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