Thursday, January 29, 2009

something, anything

alex spelling her name: "a-l-e-y-o-p-x... alex!"

alex immitating tigger (t-i-double g-errrrr!!!): "t-i-ge-ga-double g eouw!" (growling)

alex doing verbs: "sit downing" or "this one sit downs"

alex singing fly to your heart:
fly to who you ay (fly to who you are)
flymb upon yoy side (climb upon your star)
you felif if you fly your wings (you believe you'll find your wings)
flaa-aah-aah-aaay to yoy haym (fly to your heart)


alex had name's day (alexandra) last january 2. we just had a simple celebration at home, with a homemade cheesecake of course. yum-yum-yummy! she really loves to blow candles. i guess all kids do. :)


alex started potty training during the holidays. she still wears pull-ups up to now. from time to time she askes to go to potty, but most of the time we have to make her. although sometimes she asks to go to potty every 10 minutes so she can get a gummy bear or lately a jelly bean (her favorite rewards).


the mini kitchen is one of alex's favorite toys nowadays. by mere coincidence, a friend gave her apron and pot holders. she also loves to play with her building blocks, some puzzles, stuff toys and books.

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