Saturday, April 25, 2009

take a pension

guess it is very common for kids to repeat the things that they hear from their parents. one example i've read is how they scold their teddy bears the way their parents scold them. it is said that this is a way for kids to feel they are in control somehow.

alex does it a lot. she also likes making complimentary statements. for example when i tell her, "hold on or you might fall!" she would say, "but if i hold then i will not fall."

today alex was playing with my mom (we call her "inay") and i heard her say:

"inay, if you don't listen to me i will put this back. but, if you listen to me then i will give it to you."

however, my mom wasn't minding her at the time so alex insisted:

"inay! inay! you have to take a pension!"

it took me a moment to realize that she meant... "pay attention!" =))

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