Wednesday, August 5, 2009

outdoor girl

the whole family went to the high tatras mountains over the weekend. alex was quite a big girl. she hiked by herself most of the time, stopping only for a few pieces of cookies, a sip of water or a bottle of milk.

day 1: we arrived at the hotel around 3pm. unpacked a bit. then, hiked to the ski jumps and along strbske pleso. alex kept singing the whole way to the ski jumps. quite a singer and composer i would say.

day2: cable car ride from tatranska lomnica to skalnate pleso. alex hiked with us around the lake. playing games along the way, like "big rocks" and "no rocks." games mommy made up to get her to walk a bit faster. :))

day 3: another cable car ride from stary smokovec to hrebienok. hiked up to the water falls. again, alex did an amazing job, hiking all the way up. mommy carried her on the back from time to time just to quicken the pace along the rocky paths uphill.

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blue_palito said...

grabe ang haba na nyaaa *surprised*

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