Wednesday, August 5, 2009


alex had been asking to go to kindergarten since forever. so last month, daddy and mommy started kindergarten hunting. so far we've visited 3 but never quite find exactly what we are looking for. we however decided to try out klub vcielka for the first 2 weeks of august. we decided to just let her stay for half a day the first week and see how it will be.

alex started yesterday. she didn't have any problems being left by herself. she almost totally ignored our presence once she was inside with the other kids. though she did give us a kiss when we went away.

we picked her up after their lunch, just about time for the children to take their naps. we found her laying on her own bed. she didn't want to go home with us. instead she was asking for her own pillow and blanket, like with the other kids. it took some convincing before she finally budged.

alex really enjoyed her first day. so today, she's stayed in kindergarten the whole day. so far, the teachers said she's doing great. in 30 minutes, daddy will be picking her up and mommy is really missing her.

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