Monday, October 19, 2009

kinder Überraschung

main Entry: kin-der Ü-ber-ras-chung
function: noun
etymology: German
1 : kid surprise (literal translation)
2 : a hollow milk chocolate egg shell containing a toy
3 : alex's small surprise at her choice of friends from kindergarten


last august, alex tried out kindergarten for the first time. it was only for two weeks but she became close friends with the half-japanese-half-slovak-girl julinka, who is a year older. julinka already transferred into a different kindergarten but they stayed good friends. almost every week they meet in some playground and play together.

daddies' little girls


alex liked kindergarten so much that we decided to set her up for the whole year starting last september. even though we knew julinka will not be around. alex made a new friend -- natalka, a half-columbian-half-slovak girl, and around half a year younger. the bigger surprise, we found out that they went to swimming school together when alex was just 11 months old.

natalka (left), alex (middle)

natalka and alex sitting together on the floaty

*current picture of natalka not yet available :P

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blue_palito said...

ang cute-cute ni ninang!

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