Tuesday, November 24, 2009

quotable quotes

i just had to write down these things before i start forgetting them... alex talks so much, i think much more than any average 3-year old that sometimes she comes up with funny words or interesting ideas.

scene 1: last summer, we were in our car on our way to dunajska streda (swimming pools).

alex: daddy, your car is so cool!
mommy (amazed and wondering): really, alex?
alex: yes, it's cool, it's like a bus.

hehehe! so i don't know if that's a compliment or what. but we rarely ride the bus, so in her eyes, maybe it's really cool to ride a bus. :D

scene 2: the things that she is DOINGING

alex playing with her vtech laptop
alex: daddy, i'm computering.

playing with spongebob laser stickers
alex: wait, i'm stickering.

scene 3: the things that she DIDDED
alex: mommy!!!!!!
daddy: yes, alex?
alex: i calleded mommy.

scene 4: sleeping time. i usually kiss her good night and say "i love you." she usually says it back to me. but tonight, she said it so cool and i found it really sweet...

mommy: good night ate! i love you!
alex: uh huh! i also...

my heart melted... i almost forgot that she is soooooo makulet and being a terrible three. sigh! :)

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